Does Your School District Have a SafetyNet?

Midwest Computech Is the Vanguard of Defense In a Cyber War

Midwest Computech (MWCT) is an innovative and renowned IT Service & Cybersecurity company dedicated to providing expert solutions. Missouri schools rely on us to protect them ‌against cyber‌ ‌attacks. After several years of successfully working together, Midwest Computech and the Missouri School Boards’ Association (MSBA) have joined forces to tackle one of the largest issues facing Missouri public schools: cybersecurity.

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Aggressive measures are needed to protect students and ensure that cybercriminals do not steal district information or hold school data hostage. MWCT‌ ‌is‌ ‌dedicated to keeping Missouri’s children and teachers safe from cyberattacks.

Melissa Randol, Executive Director of MSBA

"CES [Center for Education Safety] is contacted frequently about security concerns such as hacking, malicious software, and holding private district information for ransom. Having a partner able to help districts with these problems is a great benefit for MSBA members."

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